Video Premiere: Joe Volk – ‘Soliloquy’


Joe Volk is perhaps best known as the former singer and lyricist with progressive, post-rock outfit, Crippled Black Phoenix – initial signings with the Invada Record Label.

That was in a previous life and was just one string, to his multifaceted bow.

As the Glitterhouse Records website attests, “Volk is also a composer, having written scores for independent European and British short films. He has had his material used by the BBC, HBO and had commissions from National Geographic. Volk contributed music to the Academy Award nominated documentary on Bristol street artist Banksy, entitled “Exit Through The Gift Shop”.”

Joe Volk is back with a new solo album in February from Glitterhouse Records, titled ‘Happenings and Killings‘.

The first release from the LP is ‘Soliloquy’, arriving in the form of a contemplative, stop motion video, by the award winning visual artist Craig Murray.

‘Soliloquy’ is a redemptive, hauntological musing on reflective metamorphosis. It also showcases the broad compositional sweep, of Volk’s cinematic eye. A sparse, richly textured, emotive jewel.


Glitterhouse Records informs, “On the new album, Volk worked closely with the Emmy nominated composer Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow (the songwriting partnership behind the soundtrack to Alex Garland’s 2015 film ‘Ex Machina’), with both being credited as additional producers along with Volk. The album was mixed by Joe Volk and Jim Barr (Portishead / Get The Blessing), as well as the musician and artist Leafcutter John. The album features the three producers, along with Jim Barr, Billy Fuller (Robert Plant, BEAK>), Adrian Utley (Portishead), Mark Ophidian (US / Animals With Machinery), Guy Metcalfe (Thought Forms), Leafcutter John, Luke Harney (Typesun) and a collection of other musicians, all active in the Bristol music scene.”

One to watch out for come February, the release will be accompanied by a UK and European tour…



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