The Underground Youth – ‘Naked’

Underground Youth

It seems like a thousand centuries ago since The Underground Youth held me in their spell at Eindhoven Psych Lab.

After what feels like one of the longest pre-orders in history, the wait is nearly over and the ache is soon to be sated.

‘Naked’ is the first release from the forthcoming EP ‘Beautiful & Damned’ due out on Fuzz Club Records on the 25th of October.

As with all great bands, ‘Naked’ feels like The Underground Youth never went away, just withdrew into stately repose where they have crafted yet another trademark marble edifice. I am not talking here about marble in the cold, austere sense but rejoicing in the warm sumptuous folds of a Baroque Canova sculpture.

‘Naked’ is accompanied by a video produced by Tony Harewood and Mark Kendrick with colour grading by Rob Ward and is, like the song, a masterwork in restraint and passionate expression.

The 25th of October cannot come quickly enough…


2 responses to “The Underground Youth – ‘Naked’”

  1. Bob Avatar

    I’m havin’ this, brilliant innit !! Thanks for putting it my way, top job once again Chromaticism !

  2. chromaticism Avatar

    “Thanks Ian.” – The Underground Youth 20/10/14

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