The Cosmic Dead – ‘Rainbowhead’


A new recording from The Cosmic Dead chappies is a cause for celebration indeed!

Rainbowhead is the latest long player opus, from these magi gadgies with the magic beans.

I feel blessed to have witnessed the sonic assault of these guys live – both times on the hallowed stage of Eindhoven Psych Lab.

Human Sausage‘, comes on with ferocious intensity, sucking you through a black hole meat grinder, spewing you out, encased in submucosa, this ancient Sumerian delicacy, now redolent of a dystopian botulism, freedom of thought or action, replaced with an auto(bahn)mata pudding head; ‘Skye Burial‘, conjures the spectre of a deconstructed ‘Eriskay Love Lilt‘, the dirge like obsequies, transcend this Utter Hebridean, outer space; ‘Inner C‘, unlocks the cranial universe, this krautrock, “Cosmodelia Smith / Buckfast” fuelled exposition, melds The Cosmic Dead’s thematic threads, interweaving aural delight, laced through with visual abstraction…

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Rainbowhead‘, unwinds in discordant stuttering, hangover-like stumbling myopia, unfolding in celestial meandering, rabbit-hole tangents of wistful, doppler-esque danderings…

Rainbowhead is available from Blackest Rainbow Records, in an edition of 200 copies on cream & green swirl vinyl and 900 copies on Coke bottle clear vinyl, also available on CD from Paradigms Recordings.



3 responses to “The Cosmic Dead – ‘Rainbowhead’”

  1. Bob Avatar

    The only one of your reviews I haven’t read, because its The Cosmic Dead. They never fail to amaze me, on record, tape or cd, but particularly live. For me they are on another level, just listen to that righteous noise. Ok, because I love you Chro’, I’m going to read the review now, but I’ll have to turn the music off and come back down to earth.

  2. Bob Avatar

    Yep, you did a good job. Weirdly, after listening to your radio shows I can actually hear your words to this review being read out by yourself. Masterful stuff from you and the band !

    1. chromaticism Avatar

      Cheers Bob – I don’t normally like to hear what anyone has to say about a band I love either, so I’m with you there!
      Glad to hear what I said resonates with how it makes you feel – it hit the spot for me…

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