Telstar Sound Drone – ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’


For those as yet uninitiated in the ways of Telstar Sound Drone, those fine people at the institution that is Bad Afro Records, tell us, “The core of the band consists of Sean Jardenbæk (vocals), Hans Beck (drums) and Mads Saaby (guitar). The two last mentioned are also playing in Baby Woodrose. As usual they also invited some friends down to the shelter. Hobbitten (Spids Nøgenhat/ex-On Trial) is playing guitar on six out of nine songs. Christian Norup (Bite The Bullet) is playing bass on five songs and Kåre Joensen (Baby Woodrose) is playing bass and synth on two songs.”

Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles is the long player follow up to 2013’s ‘Comedown’, a masterful, experimental excursion vehicle.

Drugs Help‘, underpins a pharmacological imperative, a dense sonic blanketing, enveloping and expanding; ‘Something I Can’t Place‘, is an incandescent catherine-wheel, a spiralling, cloud-strafing ascent, a corkscrewing cacophony, of manipulated maelstromic menace; ‘Dark Kashmir‘, “is an electro-magnetic pick-up recording of rotating hard disks”, coursing with epic chiaroscuro washes, a modal drone musing; ‘Your Fingers Stir The Liquid Moon‘, is a soothing, Sea of Tranquility serenade, a pulsating, Muad’dib dub melange…


Closer Again‘, signals a discordant dystopia, an emerging rhythmic dream-state, a waking, hazy sleepwalk; ‘Strange Apples‘, is a strident, swirling psychoactive soundscape; ‘Mad Seeds‘, is a datura soaked, reverberatory revelation, a hallucinogen Homeric odyssey; ‘Dead Spaces‘, is a mystical chant, a shamanic sojourn, among the phenomenology of a desolate genius loci; ‘Lean Down On White‘, closes, in gently pirouetting, ethereal wisps, a languid lilting lullaby…


Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles conjures a diffuse intensity, it’s enmeshed aural machinations, wafting on the astral plane.

Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles is available from the Bad Afro Records Shop now.



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  1. Bob Avatar

    Loving this, new to me and another one on the list to look out for live ! Keep ’em comin’, I can’t complain about the top quality music you are bringing in to my life !

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