Tales of Murder and Dust – ‘The Flow In Between’


Tales of Murder and Dust return with their second long player, The Flow In Between.

The Aarhus five piece currently comprise Christian Sinding Søndergaard, Kristoffer Vilsgaard, Simon Toftdahl Olesen, Jacob Korsgaard Jensen and Stine Kloster.

“Formed in 2007, Tales of Murder and Dust plays a dark, experimental mixture of psychedelic rock and Shoe-gaze wrapped in a cinematic sound merging noisy guitars, violin, organ and sitar.”


Opening track, ‘Tidal Wave‘, animates a shamanic alchemy, a forlorn, primordial windswept stirring, an ebb and flow of overwhelming manifestation; ‘Black Reflections‘, kicks the door in with it’s sonic bombast, it’s speed-fuelled waltz signature, underpinned with longing and transformative desire; ‘The Devil Is A Poet‘, chimes with contemplative zeal, a peripatetic pursuit of the muse; ‘Mirror‘, finds sombre reflection, within the metre of this solemn, processionary ode…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ttFswIvfKo&w=560&h=315]

Sisters‘, convulses with writhing hunger, an engulfing paean to overwrought fragility; ‘Distorted Ways‘, swells with anthemic repose, a ritual cleansing, holistic intertwining and spiritual healing; ‘Endless Repetition‘, cascades with aural grandeur, a reverberative feast, an iconoclastic tableau…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X98XcAAG9g&w=420&h=315]

With The Flow In Between, Tales of Murder and Dust have sculpted a Dionysian celebration, a revelry in the synaesthesia of embracive unity. The Flow In Between is a child borne of passion, and for it, a welcome addition in this world.

Released by Fuzz Club RecordsThe Flow In Between is available as a deluxe edition of 100 copies, on 180g colour-in-colour vinyl with red in ultra-clear, enclosed in a heavy gatefold cover, with an embossed logo and hand numbering. The standard edition vinyl, comes as 500 copies on 180g heavy ultra-clear vinyl, via the Fuzz Club Record Store.



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