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  • Live Review: Reverence Festival, Valada Portugal 2015 – Day 2

    Live Review: Reverence Festival, Valada Portugal 2015 – Day 2

    “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble”… As one of apparently only 7% of the UK population with veins anointed with O Rh-ve, midges and mosquitos tend to regard this blood with envious eyes – singled out like caviar or Dom P√©rignon, from the dull palatable herd. Whether or not Sarah’s Green…

  • Helicon – ‘Gehenna’ EP Vinyl Release

    Helicon – ‘Gehenna’ EP Vinyl Release

    Back in January as part of a¬†Featured Artist profile on the band Helicon, I reviewed the digital release of their latest EP ‘Gehenna’. Thursday 23rd April sees the highly anticipated vinyl release through EXAG Records, whose press release states as follows; “We’re glad to announce that Helicon (UK) recently record their 8th EP. On the…

  • Featured Artist – Helicon

    Featured Artist – Helicon

    Somewhere back in July, Purple Heart Parade connected me with Helicon and I was immediately smitten with these self-proclaimed, “Doom-mongering behemoths of Psychedelic Rock formed in East Kilbride / Glasgow”. These particular behemoths must have come from the cheerier side of the doom-mongering clan, because when I listen to the euphonious sounds they shape, I…