Sloath – ‘Deep Mountain’


Sloath released their eponymous sold-out album in 2010 on Riot Season, with the promise of more to follow, soon…

The vagaries of life though, saw fit to enforce a 4 year wait for their shortly to be released follow-up album “Deep Mountain”.


Following various permutations since their original formation in 2007, the band played a couple of high octane gigs around Brighton in February earlier this year as a five piece, before vanishing once more into the ether.

Thankfully a tour in support of the “Deep Mountain” album release has been hinted at.

Sloath’s sound is both uplifting and crushing at the same time, think the boogie-woogie shuffle of Skynyrd crossed with Fudge Tunnel’s “Hate Song”, and you have maybe part of the deliciously complex recipe.

Notable tracks on the album are an almost unrecognizable reworking of the ZZ Top classic “Legs”, gone are the pop hooks, replaced with formidable slabs of impenetrable riffage.

Side B opens with the epic 11 minute plus “The Toucher” which is perhaps a clearer point of reference for their earlier material. A slow, ponderous, formidable, builder of a track, relentlessly intent on dragging your complicit, supplicant form along for the trip.

There is an underlying richness of texture within the seemingly meaningless “vocals”, rendering them on a par with, and in complimentary concert with the instrumentation.

That the band can maintain this glacial pace whilst remaining enticingly engaging, bears full testament to the musicianship on offer here.

“Deep Mountain” is limited to 400 copies and is released by Riot Season Records, it is available now for pre-order, shipping will commence early in November.






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