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All roads lead to… Milano – certainly in the case of The Gluts!

Since I had the unadulterated pleasure of witnessing The Gluts support White Hills, at the near mythical Bloom home venue back in April, the band have been busy, beavering away in their new rehearsal space.

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I asked the band for an update on what was going on with all things GLUT…

“Hey Ian! The new space is on the minus 2 floor of a very big and posh building in Milano. That’s one of the reasons why we called it AZIONE SUPER PORNO (Check the picture) I guess it is easy for you to recall the English meaning!


We are sharing the space with a cool band named arirang. As we have 2 rooms, one is the practice space the other is just empty. We would like to set a space for repairing pedals and guitars, but there are also other ideas, big ideas…

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The writing is going smooth! After a long period without producing anything new I guess it’s easy having new ideas. We will record some tracks end of November, just to have a pre-production, better idea on how the songs might sound.

The sound seems to be gluts, still punk but definitely it won’t be a Warsaw 2.0. One of the biggest novelties is that now we have Mattia on drums, he has a different style and different ideas from the previous drummer… Also Nico is improving his skills on drum. We would pay more attention on those I guess, we feel like this was one of the lacking points of our debut album.

We are also experimenting implementing synth and drum machine… But this won’t be central in the sound…”


There has been a satiety of gigs over the summer season, not to mention a rather special upcoming gig at SOTTO La Sacrestia in Milan with none other than The Telescopes on the 03rd of November, in what promises to be another Lombardian night to remember.


Watch this space for more updates and news on the new album recording, I for one can’t wait to hear what one of my most favourite of bands have been up to…

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  1. Bob Avatar

    Love this band so much, thanks for the update Chro” ! And you have seen them live, still so jealous, hopefully they will come to the UK in 2016 !

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