Album Review: Prana Crafter – ‘Rupture of Planes’


Photograph by Tara Sol

There is a refreshing purity of essence, in an artist who arrives devoid of baggage or expectation.

Washington State woodsman, William Sol is one such rare occurrence.

William Sol, alias Prana Crafter – is a true, life-force enriching, artisan.

All I know, or can find for that matter, is what little information comes courtesy of those astute audiophiles, at the Deep Water Acres Record Label.

One of those instances where the search or journey, delivers it’s reward irrespective of a destination.

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‘Forest at First Light’, captures those delicate, elemental, irradiant shards, the acoustically buoyed, winsome vocal, conjoined in eclectic, amplified harmony; ‘Diamond Cutter of the Jagged Mountain’, is a glorious title, this labyrinthine, vertiginous sonic foray, cuts a dizzying swathe; ‘Rupture of Planes’, delivers enchanting, soulful balladry; ‘Moksha of Melting Mind’, transcends in shimmering, emancipatory release, this meandering exploratory feast, tip-toes between mist-soaked pines; ‘Tara, Do You Remember the Way?’, is a rambling, sylvan, utopian celebration…

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‘Treasure in a Ruin’, brings aural substance to abstract expressionism, a searching, drone odyssey; ‘Dharma Dripping Lotus’, is a gently pirouetting cosmic wheel, pure virtue realised, within this cyclic rebirthing pool; ‘Vessel’, continues the tangential folk nuancing, equilibrium rapt brevity; ‘Birth of Blooming Thunder’, is a nimble, nimbus fuelled, flight of intoxicative fantasy; ‘Fog Has Lifted’, is a richly woven verse, sung with beauteous, heartfelt clarity; ‘Prana Crafter’s Abode’, portrays a freeform, domiciliary excursion; ‘Mudra of the Mountain Throned’, conjures the soaring majesty in ritual gesture, unfettered by constraint or earthly bonds…

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Prana Crafter’s enigmatic sojourn, quintessentially defines a ‘Ruture of Planes’ – literally, where rupture meets rapture. A continuum where the mantra, “detachment is the essence of wisdom”, delivers a coup d’œil of Shambhala beyond…

‘Rupture of Planes’ features William Sol on acoustic and electric guitar, synthesiser, bass guitar, tenor ukulele, singing bowls, vocals and simple rhythmic arrangements. Chris Shealy plays drums on tracks 1, 3 & 8. Additional lyrics by Tara Sol. Recording and Mixing by William Sol & Jason Suko. Mastered by Kevin Moist. Design by Kevin Mcfadin. The CD is available for purchase from Deep Water Acres.


Photograph by Tara Sol



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