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Following my recent Album Review for the USA Nails release of ‘No Pleasure‘, I caught up with Steven from the band for a little Q & A;

Chr – What’s in a name? I have always been struck with the idea that you are given your name by two people you have never met! How did you lot arrive at USA Nails, is one name as good as any other, or was it a piece of absurdist theatre?

USAN – I don’t remember. We get asked this a lot. I can’t remember any other suggestions we had but I’m sure they must’ve been really bad if we settled with this one.

Chr – I loved the lyrics on ‘No Pleasure’. I hate it when bands do not include the lyrics, it’s almost a cop-out. Can you say a little about the importance of being understood?

USAN – I like lyric sheets too. I think lyrics can go two ways, direct and clear or surreal tosh. I prefer to write lyrics that can be understood, a directness is important to our aesthetic. That approach could change though. The next album’s lyrics could be Dadaist or cut up. Who knows?!


Chr – How do you all know each other, and how did you arrive at your sound?

USAN – Basically through gigging. We’ve all been on bands previous to this one. I’ve always been a fan of Matt’s drumming so when he said he was in a new band I was interested.

Chr – How did the recent album launch go – were there any ‘I Cannot Drink Enough’ moments?

USAN – Yes. I played a shocker. I have an excuse though. It was my birthday. I had too many drinks and couldn’t play too well.

Chr – Tell me a bit about the Irish connection with Smalltown America?

USAN – Dunno how that happened really. Gareth has known Ash from STA for a while and sent him our first recordings. Guess they got to Andrew somehow. They are great people and seem to like us morons.


Chr – How does the live element and being on the road, feed back as inspiration?

USAN – Well, touring is a double edged sword. There’s the exciting bits, playing and hanging around with mates but then there’s the waiting around and van journeys. The thing is I love it and can’t imagine a time when I won’t. Think it’s the same for the rest of the band too. I guess the obvious inspiration would be I Am In A Van which is about trying to have a working life but being happily distracted by the lore of music.

Chr – Do you agonise over recording, or is a consensus on completion swift and unanimous?

USAN – We try not to agonise. We tend to do a few takes of each song and pick the best then sling some vocals on. We muck around with mixing a bit but not too much.

Chr – Have you been pleased with the reaction to ‘No Pleasure’?

USAN – Yes.


Chr – Which record does everyone want for Christmas?

USAN – I would like the world’s fasted hotdog eating record. Ha.

Chr – Thanks again for taking the time. I thoroughly enjoyed this LP. Well done!

USAN – No worries, Steven.






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  1. Bob Avatar

    Crackin’ band ! Thanks for taking the time to do the Q & A session with them and for including the clips here. My love for them has increased.

    1. chromaticism Avatar

      All part of the service my friend!

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