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Gnod‘s sleeve note for Mirror says it all – “Self-Revelation is a cruel process. The real picture, the real “you” never emerges. Looking for it is as bewildering as trying to know how you really look. Ten different mirrors show you ten different faces” – Shashi Deshpande.

Janus is your friend, if he is not then he is truly an enemy to be feared…

Gnod return to the fray with their snapshot of a disenfranchised, lemming-like, Great British kiss-off. Only those ignorant or selfish or just not old enough, to have learned the painful lesions of the Thatcher years, would be foolhardy enough to embark on not one, but two terms under a crushing Tory yoke. Mirror despairingly documents this public myopia.

Finding reanimation in disintegration, Gnod continue to evolve, phoenix-like, breathing fire to stoke the melting pot that is Islington Mill, re-emerging anew from this latter-day Dagda’s cauldron.

The band’s spiritual base, Islington Mill, has become a collectivist beacon of aesthetic cooperation, a symbol for all that a healed society should aspire to.

Talking of symbolism, there is an oddly soothing echo, to the inner sleeve reflection on the word MIRROR – reminding me of the insect-like logo, for the ‘Vision On’ arts ensemble of my childhood.

Gnod excel at “savour(ing) the harmony in the moment, everything else is merely an illusion”…

The Mirror‘, heralds a languid recoil, a disjointed dub dadaist streaming scream, voyeuristic submissive self-surveillance, examining and dissecting the very nature of consciousness, jagged jarring anguish, reflecting a twisted Jabberwock, through and beyond our looking glass torment, (succinctly illustrated in the KHOM produced video below); ‘Learn To Forgive‘, is an air-raid siren’s song, a staccato switchblade serenade, tip-toeing around ‘The Garden Of Earthly Delights’, a drowning discordian rabbit hole descent, wreathed in mantic truths…


Sodom & Gomorrah‘, intones diabolique solfeggio frequencies, imbued with monastic rites of self flagellation, laid bare gratification of impenitent corporate sin, secret societies awaiting overdue judgement, their pillars of salt shall be legion, innocence, the scant condiment at this beggar’s banquet…

Mirror is a cut-up divination of our dysphorian zeitgeist, a reassuringly regenerative document, an irascible guarantee of cerebral elation…

My retinas remain in remission after witnessing GNODOROWSKY in November of 2014, my third hit of Gnod that year. That 2015 elapsed Gnod-less was unforgivable – thankfully the upcoming Lisbon Psych Fest and Eindhoven Psych Lab, will atone me of this digression. Bring them on.

Mirror is available from Rocket Recordings on vinyl or CD and digitally from bandcamp.

I’ll leave the final word to the iconoclastic Paddy Shine, “The tracks were pretty much written on the road in May 2015. The final versions of the tracks on the album are a reaction to the results of the recent UK election and also some shit that was happening to us and our friends during that period. Lyrically it deals with mental health issues and how things like social media are a vehicle for our split personalities and egos – that and being under the thumb of forces and power structures we can’t really fully understand, or even if we understand them we feel helpless to change the situation. This album won’t change the situation or start any revolutions, but it felt good for us to write some music to let the rage out”.





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  1. Bob Avatar

    Great review, which compliments and runs alongside the sleeve-notes really well. Really looking forward to Bristol at the end of the month, Gnod always deliver, always surprise, long may they continue to grow and keep us all on our toes.

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