EP Review: Mamuthones – ‘Symphony For The Devil’


Mamuthones, in concert with their appearance at Liverpool Psych Fest this past weekend, cement their “Street Fighting Man” credentials with the release of their, ‘Symphony For The Devil’ EP.

As the name suggests, Alessio Gastaldello’s cohorts take the Rolling Stones classic, liberally sprinkle it with their trademark, Italian Occult Psychedelic dust, and serve it up in the shape of a revitalised, deranged disco-chic, magickal beggar’s banquet.

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Second EP track, ‘Anylonger’, culled from the ‘Collisions 04‘ sessions with Evil Blizzard, traces faint, multi-rhythmic and lyrical delivery echoes of the Talking Heads’ dysfunctional anthem, ‘Once In A Lifetime’, taking the wigged out, ritualistic sense of unease, to a whole nother (sic) level.

Bristol’s Giant Swan pick up the conductor’s baton and run with it, albeit in a lysergically imbued, primordial zig-zag fashion, for the duration of their 8 minutes and 13 seconds, towers of drone and dub ‘Symphony’ remix, their nightmare dreamscape, conjuring torturous Do Lung Bridge, apocalyptic visions.

‘Symphony For The Devil’ and ‘Anylonger’ are both here given a further utopian visionary, hypnotically minimalist remix jolt, courtesy of, “vinyl purist, gear scientist, lo-fi tech-freak” and “garage techno” maestro, in the guise of “analogue cop” Lucretio.

‘Symphony for the Devil’ EP is limited to 300 copies and is available now from Rocket Recordings.





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  1. Bob Avatar

    Loving all 4 tracks ! What a mix, very fresh and vital, will listen to this again and again, cheers Chro’ !

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