E Gone – ‘Smokediver’ EP


‘Smokediver’ EP is E Gone‘s latest highly anticipated release, it follows last years exhilarating ‘All The Suns Of The Earth’ long player, reviewed here. ‘Smokediver’ is a mystical eastern odyssey, a Xanadu bound Silk Road caravan staging post.


With a sleeve invoking Rorschach, the euphonic content will test your psychological perceptions with it’s labyrinthine algo-rhythyms (sic)…

‘Decapitating A Friend In Varanasi’ opens the 3-track EP, and what better place to decapitate a friend than in the favourite city of Shiva, the “destroyer” or “transformer”, the holiest of the Sapta Puri and birthplace of Buddhism. The writhing hindustani themed sitar flourishes, lead the bejewelled magical dance in a tantalising tantric search for moksha.

‘Smokediver I’ has an altogether more sinister, otherworldly vibe, the undercurrent here is portentous, an hypnotic yet soothing harbinger at large…

‘Smokediver II’ raises the tempo, releasing the spirit in mesmeric exhultation. The beats, drones and sample loops offer shimmering wide screen glimpses of salvation, culminating with the bell – invoking the protection of the mystic law. The Edison phonograph sample cleverly intones, ” I can transport you to the realms of music. I can cause you to join in the rhythmic dance”. Only here, E Gone is the “Great Wizard” and as with the symbol upon his forehead, “the name of my famous master is on my body“….


The E Gone bandcamp page tags – experimental, atmospheric, drone, electronica, folk, instrumental, lo-fi, post-punk, psychedelic, psychedelic folk, psychedelic rock, world, beat, Stockholm, epitomise all that the ‘Smokediver’ EP encompasses, succinctly.

On the strength of ‘Smokediver’ and ‘All The Suns Of The Earth’, one is left with the impression that Daniel Westerlund could alight his cosmic charabanc blindfolded, his assured command over the sonic ley lines, infusing all with his deftness of touch . I for one cannot wait for the next instalment.

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‘Smokediver’ EP is available as a digital, name your price, download now from bandcamp.


4 responses to “E Gone – ‘Smokediver’ EP”

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  2. Bob Avatar

    Really loved “All The Suns Of The Earth”, so this is great news for me, and lots of other people I’m sure ! And what a great right up, think you’ve done E Gone proud !

  3. chromaticism Avatar

    This is a great review. Very well written, Ian, and I’m really glad you like the EP. Thank you for the praise! – E Gone 20/05/15

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