Distorted Perspectives Festival: Teaser – Clanns


I asked Charlie from Clanns what the Distorted Perspectives Festival meant to him.

“Following up from our conversation over the upcoming Distorted Perspectives festival i’ll talk a wee bit about all things concerning it I suppose …I’ve also attached some pics which maybe of benefit …”

“We have the privilege of playing DP this year around on the closing night (3rd of May) and is an occasion which we are quite excited about. First and foremost I feel this festival is a great platform for us to showcase our music and following up from the success of lasts years event i feel the prospect of promoting modern experimental and psych music and in our case post rock an opportunity we couldn’t turn down”.

“Over the past while we have been working on a 4 track EP titled “Make Me A Child” which we have recorded in Attica Studios (a studio based in Termon, Donegal), and on the night will be launching. The sound that we tried to create on these tracks concentrates on varying reverbs and bow arrangements on guitars which has allowed us too define our sound and we look forward too sharing it on stage in the upcoming DP event. The process in itself of recording these tracks was enlightening for myself and my brothers Al & Conal who form the rest of “clanns” along with our good friend Jason on drums, as the experience allowed us to understand our sound more and as a result experiment the boundaries of our genre and the possibilities of all things reverb. Therefore the prospect of this years DP will be a accumulation of the hard work we have devoted to our sound over the past while that we hope is typified on the “Make Me A Child” EP”.

“Also, on a personal level the array of great acts that are on show over the weekend, with the likes of Moon Duo, Autumns, Documenta, Robyn G. Shields and the legendary Ulrich Schnauss is a testament to the wealth of talent that DP has too offer this year and i feel it will serve as great exposure to the psych lover and is a line-up that we are honored to be part of”.







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  1. Bob Avatar

    This festival looks like it’s going to be wonderful. Have fun everyone !

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