Dead Sea Apes – ‘High Evolutionary’


“Hello. We are Dead Sea Apes. We make music.”

With that matter of fact, mission statement of intent, issued in May of 2010, along with the digital release of “Soy Dios”, the musical landscape was forever stretched and warped beyond the confines of it’s meaningless boundaries.

Subsequent releases, in 2012 of “Astral House” again in digital format, and “Lupus” followed by “The Sun Behind The Sun” in 2013 with Black Tempest, both on vinyl through Cardinal Fuzz, have consolidated Dead Sea Apes as virtuosos at capturing the sonic, panoramic vista in all it’s multifaceted glory.

The 3 piece instrumentalists from Manchester are set to release their latest aural stimuli, “High Evolutionary” which goes on vinyl pre-order through Cardinal Fuzz on 06th October.


Side A kicks off with “Threads”.

There is a saying in Tai Chi that one hundred steps backwards are worth one thousand steps forwards…

“Threads” pulses and evolves, resonating purposefully with meaning and precision, each step methodical and measured – as intended.

“Planetarium” is a kaleidoscopic dreamscape, launching you trancelike through and beyond the constellations…

Side A closer, “Turpentine” is a fuzz drenched hook-fest, tenderly clasping yet unyielding in it’s relentless grasp.

“Alejandro” gets Side B underway with a Latin tempo that carries you up into the Sierra Madre. This high plains drifter exudes a laid-back sophistication, as it gently massages you like a dry desert breeze.

“Regolith” folds time and space and deposits you on Arrakis, as if menacingly pursued by the Sardaukar…

All too quickly, the final track “Wolf II” is cloaking you in it’s warm mescaline soaked embrace.

This is a majestic album in every sense of the word, it has left me sated but longing for more…






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  1. chromaticism Avatar

    “First review of High Evolutionary from Ian at Chromaticism – and its a stormer.” – Dead Sea Apes 05/10/14

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