Causa Sui – ‘Return To Sky’


Causa Sui, as with many other sonic splendours, found their way to me courtesy of John Westhaver – TBWNIAS’ scintillating skinsman, disc doyen and vinyl frontiersman at Birdman Sound.

As arbiters of taste go, you couldn’t wish to find yourself in better company.

‘Return To Sky’ is the latest magnum opus from the Danish four-piece, who’s collective El Paraiso Records Label, describes Causa Sui as, “abstract, instrumental sounds that owes as much to electric Miles Davis or Can as to american stoner-rock”.

‘Dust Meridian’, melds those inspirational sources to eclectic jazz-fuelled heights, the groove writhes like a snaking, mains circuit cable, it’s dizzying incursive fusions, a soaring catherine wheel of helter-skeltering delights; ‘The Source’, kicks off with a loose funk, a languid-laden layering, building to a robust, regal riff-erama, a pervading wellspring grandeur, suffusing an aural magic carpet ride; ‘Mondo Buzzo’, extols an hypnotic mantra, a sweeping paean to it’s strikingly sexy, etymological syntax…


‘Dawn Passage’, conjures a symbiotic emergent aurora, hues of solar rebirth imbued with spiritual enrichment; ‘Return To Sky’, cements a familial bond, an embryonic sense of ease, it’s embracive, omnipresent solace, unleashing wave after wave of synaptic soothing…

With ‘Return To Sky’, Causa Sui have crafted an improvisational exercise, in preternatural tranquility.

‘Return To Sky’ is released via El Paraiso Records on March 18th.




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2 responses to “Causa Sui – ‘Return To Sky’”

  1. Bob Avatar

    For me the more I listen to this, the more I like it ! A good reason for not skimming through albums and giving them time to grow on you. Lesson learned, again.

    1. chromaticism Avatar

      The joy of reviewing is getting the chance to listen…

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