Album Review: Evil Blizzard – ‘Everybody Come To Church’


Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are… Little Pigs, Little Pigs, Let Me Come In… Not By The Hair Of Your Chiny-Chin-Chin? Well Then I’ll Huff And I’ll Puff, And I’ll Blow Your House In…. Here’s Evil Blizzard!

With all the deranged, psychotic subtlety of Johnny’s axe through that Overlook Hotel door, these Preston, “Double Doomers” and misérables miscreants, return with another bout of sonic, ear-splitting noise pollution.

Back with even more record shaped tat, in the guise of latest LP, ‘Everybody Come To Church’…

As if 2014 debut, ‘The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard’, and this years split, ‘Collisions 04‘ EP with Mamuthones on Rocket Recordings, wasn’t enough toxic vinyl reason to dust down your HAZMAT suit – ‘Everybody Come To Church’, is guaranteed have you reaching for the gas mask, the ear defenders and maybe even the sick bag.

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‘Are You Evil’, it’s abomination of an intro, a disembodied stylophonic incantation, summoning the diabolical hoards… Underway proper, this ball’s-out rocker achieves a perfect balance, somewhere between having Gene Simmons’ tongue, firmly planted in your cheek, mixed with that rabble rousing bombastic roar, which helped define much of the glorious NWOBHM – idiosyncratically infused with a, “one nation, under a techno beat” vibe!; ‘Stupid People’, continues the ocular onslaught, lurching sonically betwixt Dr Who and Flash Gordon, here Evil Blizzard pay homage to their conspirationist fans; ‘Bow Down And Pray’, is a nightmarish nursery rhyme, a lugubriously woeful, genuflective lullaby; ‘Spread The Fear’, sinuously slithers out behind the apple, a cautionary tale of a morally highjacked Eden, the downward spiral of it’s continued, “political”, dystopian edification…

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‘Sacrifice’, as I said when reviewing the EP back in January,”succinctly delivers the Evil Blizzard credo, a hypnotic groove which literally redefines the term drum and bass, a vocal delivery evocative of a nascent John Lydon, all topped off with a Hawkwind like cherry on the top. In many ways this track feels just as vital in redefining the current sonic landscape, as Leftfield-Lydon’s ‘Open Up’ did, back in ’93″…; ‘Balloon’, thrums with primitive bloated refrain, a hot-air filled epic, atonally pumped, with throbbing anxious aplomb; ‘Laughing Gas’, chuckles malevolently, a laughing bag from yesteryear, a nitrously nasty, exhaustive, rhythmic rollicker; Album closer, ‘Watching’, features the full Evil Blizzard gamut, the sublime enveloping intro, delicate orchestration, tribal drumming, absorbing vocal, transcendental third-eye lyrics, sweeping cosmic arrangements, swirling, exotically mesmerising, Fremenic tonal flourishes, controlled chaos, the poetry of aural jihad…

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‘Everybody Come To Church’ is a melding of minds, a congregatory hive consciousness, upstaging dull supplication – it’s beatific embrace, conjoins in rapturous, divine discharge…

Recorded live in one day at Magnetic North Studios, produced and mixed by Richard McNamara of Embrace, this psalm, writ large by Side – drums & vocals, Kav – bass & noises, Prowler – bass & leather, Stomper – bass and Filthydirty – bass, keyboards & ranting, is available from Louder Than War.

The fittingly eclectic, album front cover is by Mothmeister.



5 responses to “Album Review: Evil Blizzard – ‘Everybody Come To Church’”

  1. Mark Whiteside Avatar
    Mark Whiteside

    Thanks for the great review
    Please note this version of Sacrifice is not the new version on the album..

    1. chromaticism Avatar

      I know, I was hoping to maximise the exposure by maintaining the Rocket link!

      1. chromaticism Avatar

        I had also hoped Hype Machine would pick up ‘Are You Evil’ and / or ‘Watching’, since ‘Sacrifice’ is already streaming there.
        So much for best laid digital plans, they picked ‘Sacrifice’ and wrongly attributed it to Mamuthones… DOH!
        I have replaced the file in the hope it updates…

  2. Bob Avatar

    Thanks for bringing this band to my attention a while back. I’ve really got into them and it’s so good to have them as part of my musical life. This new release is such great news and hopefully a few tour dates will follow ? Another winner from Rocket and another great heads-up from Chro….Double Cheers !

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