The Myrrors – ‘Solar Collector’

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The Myrrors will always be a special band for me.

Thanks to my good friend Darren in Japan, I first heard “Burning Circles In The Sky” back in November of 2013.The Myrrors were my red pill of admittance, tumbling me down the Psych rabbit-hole.

As a long term devotee of the classics, I was sadly largely ignorant of the raft of new acolytes out there. I had found myself languishing in “classic rock” purgatory, where a notable new song was a godsend, a fulfilling new album almost unheard of, and the predictable “reissue” was de rigueur.

“Burning Circles In The Sky” changed all of that forever.

Originally released in digital format in 2008, there was a palpable buzz of anticipation surrounding the Fuzz Club edition, “limited to only 100 numbered copies with hand pulled silk screened gatefold cover, silkscreened double inlay and white 180g vinyl”…

Now, that other great pillar of my new found musical firmament, Cardinal Fuzz, “are proud to present The Myrrors – Solar Collector. A limited 350 pressing presented in a hand screen printed sleeve”…


These self-confessed purveyors of “Psychedelic streams straight out of Aztlán” are back with a vengeance.The four tracks on “Solar Collector”, comprising some 40 minutes of sonic ecstasy, showcase a raw, deconstructed, live sound.

“Solar Collector” coneys beyond the astral plane, with visceral, expansive soundscapes hewn from primordial elements.

The eponymous opening track wails with a shimmering wash of tribal fuzz melancholia, gathers pace and punches straight through the stratosphere.

“Escape Attempt” continues the sombre, plaintive vibe as if thwarted only by the immensity of crushing gravity.

“Ascension” has broken free in swirling, celebratory, celestial sweeps.

Closing track, “Whirling Mountain Blues” spirals earthbound with a mesmeric, psychedelic freeform jam.

Like I said, The Myrrors are special – but don’t just take my word for it…



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  2. chromaticism Avatar

    “Many thanks to Ian for his affirming Solar Collector review at Chromaticism!” – The Myrrors 16/09/14

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