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  • LP Review: dreamweapon – ‘dreamweapon’

    LP Review: dreamweapon – ‘dreamweapon’

    Photograph by Betânia Liberato ‘dreamweapon’ by dreamweapon draws upon an enviable pedigree. ‘Dreamweapon’ is the title of Spacemen 3’s 1990 live album, which in turn drew it’s inspiration from a 1965 work by Angus MacLise titled, ‘Rites of the Dream Weapon’, one of an extensive series of multimedia productions, which MacLise described as “ritual happenings”. MacLise’s collaborations with…

  • JIBÓIA – ‘Badlav’

    JIBÓIA – ‘Badlav’

    One of the very few things I was hugely disappointed with at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, was the three stage set-up which pretty much guaranteed that you would miss a dozen or so bands over the two days. Sadly for me, Jibóia became one of those casualties as I had already decided I wanted…