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  • EP Review: Capra Informis – ‘Womb Of The Wild’

    EP Review: Capra Informis – ‘Womb Of The Wild’

    “‘Womb of the Wild’ is the first release by Capra Informis, a new band put together by the unnamed djembe player from Goat.” An enigma wrapped in a mystery then… I love the whole anti-celebrity air of mystique that shrouds the Goat collective, proof positive that you do not have to sell your soul to…

  • The Underground Youth – ‘Naked’

    The Underground Youth – ‘Naked’

    It seems like a thousand centuries ago since The Underground Youth held me in their spell at Eindhoven Psych Lab. After what feels like one of the longest pre-orders in history, the wait is nearly over and the ache is soon to be sated. ‘Naked’ is the first release from the forthcoming EP ‘Beautiful &…

  • Body – ‘Dingo / Hollow’ EP

    Body – ‘Dingo / Hollow’ EP

    This is about as infectiously epic as 4 minutes and 15 seconds of pure garage-pop-punk gets… Reborn from the 10 year old ashes of Meine Kleine Deutsche, Body have just released their digital debut EP through PNKSLM Recordings. Stockholm based Body comprises Mia Johansson on vocals, along with ¬†Mikey Korsgren, Patrik Boman, Martin Stenberg and…