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  • LP Review: E Gone – ‘Advice To Hill Walkers’

    LP Review: E Gone – ‘Advice To Hill Walkers’

    Daniel Westerlund aka The Goner aka E Gone, recently beseeched that we, “stick it to the powers that be”, with the announcement of E Gone’s follow up to last years landmark, (in every sense of the word), ‘All The Suns Of The Earth‘ LP. “Being the second part of a loosely knit trilogy – ‘Advice…

  • E Gone – ‘Smokediver’ EP

    E Gone – ‘Smokediver’ EP

    ‘Smokediver’ EP is E Gone‘s latest highly anticipated release, it follows last years exhilarating ‘All The Suns Of The Earth’ long player, reviewed here. ‘Smokediver’ is a mystical eastern odyssey, a Xanadu bound Silk Road caravan staging post. With a sleeve invoking Rorschach, the euphonic content will test your psychological perceptions with it’s labyrinthine algo-rhythyms…

  • E GONE – ‘All The Suns Of The Earth’

    E GONE – ‘All The Suns Of The Earth’

    “All The Suns Of The Earth” is the latest long player solo offering from Daniel Westerlund, in his current guise as E Gone. Released and available through Sunrise Ocean Bender Records worldwide, and via their link-up with Cardinal Fuzz in the UK. Westerlund, formerly incarnated as The Goner for his 2010 release, “Behold A New Traveler”…