Raketkanon – ‘Florent’ 7″


Hailing from Ghent, Raketkanon are Jef Verbeeck, Pieter de Wilde, Lode Vlaeminck, Pieter-Paul Devos.

They describe themselves as “a combination of sludge, experimental drift and chaotic psychedelica. Think Melvins meets Tomahawk by way of early Butthole Surfers — Down tuned guitars, deformed vocals and droney bass synths, coupled with an ear for great songs, make Raketkanon one of the most interesting bands in Europe today”.

There’s a lot to live up to in that statement but they do it effortlessly – and then some!

Immediately, UK debut single ‘Florent”, released through Jazz Life Records on 30th March, will arrest your ears and assault your remaining senses. It is a suitably evocative teaser for their forthcoming new album RKTKN2#.

‘Florent’ will have you dementedly jumping up and down and bouncing off the walls, leaving you salivating and longing for one more fix.

Anyone who knows anything about Steve Albini will recognise why he chose to produce Raketkanon, their signature sound and attitude have that authentic Albini seal of approval, comfortably fitting his mantra of, “Find people who think like you and stick with them. Make only music you are passionate about. Work only with people you like and trust.”

Visually, Raketkanon elusively avoid genre stereotypical pigeonholing in flamboyant style, ascribing their unique appeal thus, “One night we were watching a bunch of Bay City Rollers and Cliff Richard videos and thought their moves were too funny, so we based the video on that sphere. Psychotically happy smiles and self-enjoying dance moves…

This juxtaposition has exceedingly pleasing results, exuding european flair and panache…

Catch Raketkanon live on Monday 9th March at The Stillery in Camden, London.

Pre-order ‘Florent’ on limited 7” white vinyl available through Blood Red Shoes’ Jazz Life Records on March 30th and also on their new album RKTKN2# via KKK Records on April 13th distributed by Republic of Music / Universal.

I love the song, I love the video and I think I am going to love Raketkannon even more once I hear the album…






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