My Invisible Friend – ‘My Invisible Friend’ EP


My Invisible Friend is an Italian trio based in Parma. Livid colours, penetrating, with a Roland TR-505 as filter. Somewhere a dreaming voice. Guitars’ bites, that mouth turns into a speaker and finally shouts louder, louder!” I love it when a band know themselves well enough to be this succinct.

Welcome to the world of Ann:::bass,vocals, Cristian:::guitar,vocals, Joe S:::guitar, vocals, and not forgetting the indefatigable, Roland:::drums.

My Invisible Friend describe their sound as “Noise Pop / Shoegaze” and cite as their musical references Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins – all of which happily press my buttons.

Formed in 2014 from the ashes of other projects, the bands’ eponymous EP delivers everything and more that their inspirational pedigree promises.

Whilst referencing 3 of the most innovative bands of their respective generations, the sonic bombast delivered here is contemporaneously fresh, and wholly in tune with the current zeitgeist.


Opening track ‘O.N.S.’ would not feel out of place in a Dead Skeletons setlist, such is it’s luscious droning repetitious originality.

‘Eyes’ is the Siamese Twin love-child of an impenetrable MBV slab of feedback, joined at the hip with Cocteau Twins-like somnolent vocals.

Closing track ‘Dear Mary’ has a deliciously reverb soaked vocal, that immediately puts me in mind of Singapore Sling’s psychobilly sensibility.

When writing a review, I always agonise over how best to convey that visceral, emotional response that the music has triggered in me.

I have literally just finished reading Mick Wall’s new and excellent biography of The Doors, ‘Love Becomes A Funeral Pyre’. In it Mick quotes Ray Manzarek summing this up, far more eloquently than I ever could;

“…because music is totally ephemeral. How can words describe a musical sound? It can only be like something. …It’s pure vibration, that’s all it does. It only deals with vibration, which is what made sense for it, in it’s placement in time…”

In describing My Invisible Friend as being “like something”, it’s like something else that has deeply resonated with me, and hopefully will do the same with the reader.

To accompany this review, I asked the band to give me a brief snapshot of what was currently going on with My Invisible Friend.

Chr – What’s behind the EP?

MIF – Our debut EP just tells the story of three guys who love a particular kind of music, who wanted to make it theirs and who spent hours in a garage making noise like it was their last day on Earth. However, it’s more a starting point than a point of arrival for us.

Chr – What’s next on the recording side? Any Upcoming shows?

MIF – We’ve come back to work really soon after the recording sessions, our creative process has never stopped since then. And of course we’re preparing ourselves for the future shows, which will be mainly in late-spring time, summer and next winter.

Chr – What are you listening to?

MIF – Ann – I’m into Viet Cong now, their songs are in heavy rotation. And of course because of the upcoming new album I’m in a Soft Moon mood. Another one I’m really digging at the moment is synth-pop artist Ghost Culture. Cristian – These days I’m listening to the american band Superhumanoids. Joe – At present I’m listening to Clams, Cherry Wave and Tuques, whose work Slushpuppie sounds perfect.

The band are also looking for some label interest, so if anyone reading this knows someone who knows someone, please don’t be shy about getting in touch with them.

Finally, click on the Bandcamp link below and revel in the unadulterated, aural pleasure that is My Invisible Friend.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=271986845 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=7137dc tracklist=false artwork=small]





2 responses to “My Invisible Friend – ‘My Invisible Friend’ EP”

  1. Bob Avatar

    My initial curiosity about My Invisible Friend came about after I heard “Eyes”. Reading this excellent and balanced review has heightened that sense of excitement, and I can’t wait to hear a lot more from them . I like the way you’ve given the band space for their own thoughts, and I’m sure that they will be picked up by a label soon, I can’t believe they haven’t been signed up already ! Top job Chro, and thanks for bringing another fine band to our attention.

  2. chromaticism Avatar

    “Time for another album review and and a little interview, such nice words spent about us!
    Thank you Ian” – My Invisible Friend 23/02/15

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