LP Review: Holy Mount – ‘We Fell From The Sky’ (Deluxe)


Holy Mount hail from Toronto and are the sum of the parts, Danijel Losic – Guitar, Synth, Vocals; Troy Legree – Drums; Brandon McKenzie – Bass & new/old boy Clayton Churcher – Synth, who also recorded and mixed their debut single. (So new as a bona-fide member in fact, that as yet no official band photograph of the foursome exists).

The band derive their name from “Stoner Rock” co-creator’s, Sleep’s 1992 LP, ‘Sleep’s Holy Mountain’. Ozzy himself has been credited with describing Sleep as the closest band he’d heard to Black Sabbath’s original 70’s style and feeling.

Holy Mount’s Facebook page describes themselves as, “A heavy band from the frigid, windy great lakes. Channeling the mystery of the great north”.

This, White Dwarf Record Label long player deluxe vinyl incarnation of, ‘We Fell From The Sky’ has been the subject of a lengthy gestation. Originally, the first five tracks were self-released as a limited 7″ EP in 2011, these five tracks are now augmented with the two tracks from the 2010, ‘Breeze Blows West’ vinyl 7″.

Sleeve artwork is by long-standing artistic collaborator Maryanna Hardy and is an intoxicating, heady brew, managing to combine notions of fallen angels with Dorothy’s ‘Wizard Of Oz’, tornado ripped homestead – or perhaps that’s just my overactive imagination…


‘We Fell From The Sky’ gets underway with, ‘Throughout These Eyes’, an opening barrage of pummelling riffage, punctuated with faint distant vocals and soaring guitar breaks; ‘We Fell From The Sky’, casts a spiralling, megalithic, Sabbath-esque rendering of Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘The Haywain Triptych’, depicting The Fall Of The Rebel Angels; ‘Garm Of Hounds’, is a rabid, canine drone reference to the bloodstained old Norse watchdog that guards Hel’s gate.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVG4knkFygo&w=420&h=315]

‘Born Of Eclipse’, is a light and shade chronicle, a measured meandering through stoner rock touchstones, replete with infectious grooves; ‘Meadowvale’, is a brooding, down the rabbit hole, dissonant, yet upbeat shot-through soundscape; ‘Breeze Blows West’, evokes a motorik, Hawkwind-like galaxy straddling, interstellar vibe; Album closer, ‘The Rain The Might’, judders to a climactic finale, postured with gradated grandeur.

In, ‘We Fell From The Sky’, Holy Mount have crafted an exquisitely balanced, bludgeoning delay and reverb maelstrom.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OItVII842eE&w=560&h=315]

I’d really also urge you to go and check out Holy Mount’s, ‘VOL’ release. If you dig, ‘We Fell From The Sky’ – the progression and evolution in their sound is truly EPIC…

‘We Fell From The Sky’ (Deluxe), is released by German White Dwarf Record Label Store on 28th August, in a limited edition of 100 copies on white/blue/black mixed 180 gram vinyl, with a further 400 copies on black 180 gram vinyl – both come with download card.


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  1. Bob Avatar

    Yes, more please ! So you’ve done it again, introduced me to another storming band,thank you so much ! As usual the article is first rate and gives me the background to this new, for me, band. Also great to see the videos on here. All in all another top job Chro’, and as usual I await your next review knowing there is another treat coming my way.

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