Helicon – ‘Gehenna’ EP Vinyl Release


Back in January as part of a Featured Artist profile on the band Helicon, I reviewed the digital release of their latest EP ‘Gehenna’. Thursday 23rd April sees the highly anticipated vinyl release through EXAG Records, whose press release states as follows;

“We’re glad to announce that Helicon (UK) recently record their 8th EP. On the past year, the psychedelic 5 piece band, performed shows in Europe, including dates with Dead Skeletons, The Warlocks, The Black Ryder, Dead Meadow, The Underground Youth and many more. The EP’ll be available (in digital and vinyl limited edition of 300 copies) for both mainland Europe and the UK this Thursday 23 of April”.


“Since ‘Disturbance For The Disturbed’ release in 2014, Helicon signed on EXAG Records (independent records label based in Belgium : Velvet Morning, Drifwood Pyre, Wooden Indian Burial Ground), and they welcomed a new sitar player. Together, their’re back with the gorgeously ambitious ‘Gehenna’. People who like The Warlocks, Dead Meadow, Wooden Shjips may love it too.

Hailing from East Kilbride, Scotland, brothers John-Paul and Gary Hughes formed Helicon in 2011. Described as “doom-mongering behemoths of psychedelic rock”; Helicon embrace the heavier side of the genre with their unrelenting assault on the senses. Dark, dramatic, acid-drenched and drone-heavy, Helicon comfortably fit with the new wave psychedelia.”

PRE-ORDER : here
Artwork by : Olya Dyer

For press and further information please contact :
Grégory Noël – greg@exagrecords.com – +32 (0)494 84 25 37

Purist that I am, It is my avowed conviction that the sound of the vinyl will eclipse, the aural allure of the sonic supernova digital release…








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  1. Bob Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this, and for introducing me to Helicon. The news of this release is most welcome and hopefully I’ll get to see the band play live soon, I’ve heard a lot of good things about their live show ! Thanks for sharing this.

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