Film/EP Review: Peacock Farm – ‘We didn’t catch you in watercolour’


The other day, I received an email from Swedish shamans Peacock Farm, which read, “Peacock Farm recently went to Nacksving Gussjö Studios in the dark forrest of Västmanland, Sweden, to record a live session. It was recorded by Marcus Cederlöf and filmed by Adam Toner and resulted in a short live film called We didn’t catch you in watercolor, including four previously unreleased tracks. It’s like a movie EP if you will. ”

Pretty much everything about this statement intrigued me, but best of all, they have the tunes to match.


The four tracks here, ‘The Storm’, ‘Long Story’, ‘Icy Eyes’ and ‘Past Caring’ in turns, shimmer into being, evolving with anthemic subtlety of purpose, lifting the listener on cascading euphoric waves of soaring melancholia, their melodic yearnings intertwine in circular motifs, floating on currents of syncopated grandeur…


Markus from the band gave me some additional biography, “Peacock Farm started out as a four piece in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden a couple of years back. The original sound was heavily influenced by late sixties psych pop, like The Zombies and Pink Floyd. With the departure of the original main singer and songwriter, the group got rid of the retro nostalgia and developed a new, more instrumental and melody driven sound. The group recorded a selftitled EP in 2014 on the german microlabel GetShotRecords. The core of the band is still a four piece; organ, drums, twin guitars and vocals, but often adds additional musicians during live shows. On this particular occasion Erik and Tite were brought in on synths and harmony singing. The main stylistic focus is always the melody, either floating over an atmospheric soundscape or sung in a power pop song. The melodies are mainly influenced by folk music and old Swedish 1900-century hymns, but is transformed into something completely different when played together as a group. Marcus Cederlöf, who runs the Nacksving Gussjö studios, had an idea to invite bands to the studio and record and film bands in front of a live audience. Out of one and an half hour of material, these four tracks made the final cut. I think the original idea was to make a more documentary style of movie, but I guess that Adam thought a more artistic concept would fit the music better.”

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