EP Review: MDME SPKR – ‘Humanoid’


MDME SPKR‘s ‘Humanoid’, vinyl is not even in my sweaty little mitts quite yet, but the sense of anticipation on this one goes wwwaaayyy beyond palpable!

The official release date is October 01st, only 4 more sleeps, only 4 more sleeps…

How long have I been waiting for this? Since 13:25 on 11th March 2014, precisely – that’s how long I’ve been waiting for this record, that’s when I first purchased ‘Big Nothing’ and ‘Humanoid // Live’, via the bandcamp platform.

I had been blown away, captivated and ensnared by the incendiary vocals of MDME SPKR aka Laurie Battie aka Lau Betti, when I first heard Lau’s visceral delivery on the Sonic Jesus track ‘Reich‘, some weeks earlier. (An unforgettable live experience, consummated later at Eindhoven Psych Lab 2014).

This Bass and Drum dynamic duo are set to blaze a glittering Bonnie & Clyde trail, wiping the phoney smiles from the faces of the smug musical firmament.

In their meteoric rise since, “erupting from London in January 2014”, MDME SPKR have, “played in spring 2014 in USA, from coast to coast, 12 gigs in 3 weeks, sharing stages with the best local scene in LA, Austin, San Antonio and NYC, and since then back in Europe MDME SPKR supported Sonic Jesus, Black Bombaim, Radio Moscow, Lydia Lunch, Kid Congo, Big Sir, Bazooka… living behind them sweat and thrills”.


‘Humanoid’, hits the ground running, the earth-rumbling tribal summons morphing into a thunderous rabble-rousing roar, the sneering, s-t-a-c-c-a-t-o spat, accusatory lyrics, scrutinising the sordid oppressive underbelly, of what tacitly passes for democracy in these forlorn times, this rocket fuelled anarchic anthem, is a clarion wake up call to ACTION!

‘The Rotter’, continues the blanket barrage of rolling thunder, a cartoon Gotham City-esque, Neal Hefti, TV Caper (sic) of a corkscrewing riff, claws deep into your creeping flesh, a dysfunctional social commentary on the nihilistic escapism of video gaming / video surveillance, the question posed is, who is really in who’s crosshairs? One in the eye for Bill Grundy…

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=4005879972 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=7137dc tracklist=false artwork=small]

‘Rearview Mirror’, launches in with it’s swing time beat and loping gait, (unrelated but equally poignant, is the title shared with the seldom lyrically eclipsed, Pearl Jam track of the same name), galloping now, this sinister drawling paean to misery and wallowing self-pity, will strike a vitriolic, obliterative chord, with all of us who have loved and lost.

‘Big Nothing’, as it was day one, is like a Thor’s hammer-punch to the solar plexus, a breathtakingly high-octane, power chord pulveriser, ritualistically stripping away the fakery and self-delusion of the naive consumerist, downward spiral, “you’d better run”…

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=1764028094 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=7137dc tracklist=false artwork=small]

This ‘Humanoid’ EP is a stunning curtain raiser.

MDME SPKR’s relentless, Rimbaudian rhythmic, powerhouse delivery, combined with the distinctively boundless, enigmatic vocals, energise and invigorate the senses, intoxicating the listener in a rapturous, amphetamine spiked delirium.

‘Humanoid’ and everything else about MDME SPKR oozes originality and integrity.

The appeal is achingly authentic – everything about this release screams “Old Skool”, in it’s most celebratory DIY interpretation, even the reverse of the sleeve has the lyrics, lovingly hand written, if a thing’s worth doing…


The other day, I delighted in taking delivery of a copy of ‘The Truth of Revolution, Brother – An Exploration of Punk Philosophy’, published by Situation Press. If at some point down the road, they update and revise this retrospective, it is bonafide, vanguard characters like Lau Betti who will grace it’s pages.

In Lau’s guise as alter ego, and “spirited international Dj”, Pomponette Recordings, I have had the pleasure of witnessing her eclectic record-spinning prowess, at both Eindhoven Psych Lab and Liverpool Psych Fest.

Such is my kindred spirit-ism and shared disdain for corporate elitism with Lau, that my festival going chaperone, has voiced concerns that perhaps if left to our own devices, some reenactment of, “Project Mayhem” may be likely to ensue – if only life were that simple…

‘Humanoid’ is available for Pre-Order at, mdmespkr@gmail.com in a Limited Edition of 300 Vinyls.

The Artwork is by Laurus, Photography by Nico Neefs and Graphic Design by Thibault Caligaris.

Forthcoming Tour Dates are;

Oct 2nd in Glasgow at NICE N SLEAZY with The Underground Youth
Oct 9th in London at The Dublin Castle realease party!
Oct 15th in Paris at L’international



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  1. Bob Avatar

    Wow, powerful stuff…the writing and the music I mean. The music got to me straight away, two ace tracks, a must have album for me ! Would love to see them live, thanks for the update !

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