EP Review: Capra Informis – ‘Womb Of The Wild’


“‘Womb of the Wild’ is the first release by Capra Informis, a new band put together by the unnamed djembe player from Goat.”

An enigma wrapped in a mystery then…

I love the whole anti-celebrity air of mystique that shrouds the Goat collective, proof positive that you do not have to sell your soul to the devil in order to achieve success, real success on their own terms – or perhaps that was an integral part of the Vodun compact, invoked with Bondye?

Capra Informis or Shapeless Goat, bodes well, as the collective expands our consciousness, so too in many guises can they expand their esoteric dominion.

‘Darkness You Fire’, signals it’s West-African heritage, the djembe call urging “everyone gather together in peace”, is here given rhythmic, tribal, trance inducing, emotive goat-skinned substance; ‘Womb Of The Wild’, even the title conjures a necessary submission to nature, as our defunct excess teeters on the brink of oblivion, the vibrant opening insistency, a revolutionary, clarion call to action, the agitated and fevered Shamanic tempo, urging Gaian communion, the eye of the storm forms, a becalmed nexus, unleashing insistent druidic, redemptive incantation…

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‘Cold And High’, sparkles iridescently, the underpinning drumbeat augmented here with spiralling synth and drone flourishes, the vocal evocation of chanted supplication; Closing track, ‘Enter Thaumiel’, stirs dualistic underworld currents, it’s swirling atonal organ motifs, shining light into the Tree Of Life’s shadow realm, the hermetic qabalah illuminated, eliciting unified, harmonious, holistic beatitude…

Available now from Rocket Recordings.




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  1. Bob Avatar

    Good solid performance on this, production is very loud I think, in fact I left it on when I went out to my car and I could still hear it. Hope the neighbours appreciated it as much as I did.

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