Desert Mountain Tribe – ‘Either That Or The Moon’


Desert Mountain Tribe comprise Jonty Balls on Guitar/ Vocals, Philipp Jahn on Bass and brother Felix Jahn on Drums.

Either That Or The Moon is this power trio’s first full length album, a welcome follow up to 2014’s promising self-titled EP.

A quick trawl of my Facebook activity log, shows me first posting the video for ‘Take a Ride‘ in March of 2014 – one of those arresting tracks with an immediacy and presence, which further cemented DMT’s inclusion on The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 2.

I was instantly drawn to the bands name, the clever appropriation of the initialism, yielding an equally edifying nomenclature. Desert Mountain Tribes’s music exhibits a similar mastery of the blurring of reality, a rare gift which I am delighted to see these psycho-nauts exploit to the full.

Feel The Light‘, throws down the gauntlet, taking off with DMT’s trademark rush, a soaring, phosphorescent, cathartic otherworldly trip; ‘Take A Ride‘, it’s makeover here, still as fresh as on the initial EP release, swaying majestically, with the loping gait of an alcohol fuelled imbalance; ‘Midnight Sky‘, is an epic anthem, the measured delivery commanding best vantage, of this nocturnal cosmic vault; ‘Heaven And Hell‘, is a swirling tale of redemption, underpinned with a brooding, post-punk spatial texture…


Runway‘, launches in with towering guitar licks, the wailing production, vamping up it’s swaggering strut; ‘Enos In Space’, bounces with a jangling reverb-erie, Jonty by name, jaunty by nature; ‘Way Down‘, is a restrained tempo venturing, the languid-ity in the cadence, stridently overpowered in emotive outpouring; ‘OC Dream‘, positively shimmers with a mirage like effervescence; ‘Interstellar‘, may well be “the long one” referred to by Mike Dench, aka Goodsouls Promotions at last year’s Eindhoven Psych Lab, as it’s name suggests, this extra terrestrial vehicle strafes the periphery, a spiralling ascent, gliding on solar winds…


Desert Mountain Tribe have capitalised on their potential with Either That Or The Moon, an accomplished document of current status, whose continued trajectory may well yet, see them achieve lunar dominion.

Either That Or The Moon is available now on physical and digital formats via the band’s webpage.

DMT have just completed a successful UK tour, April sees them unleash their hypnotic infusions, on a North America spanning sojourn, before returning for further dates in Europe in May.



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  1. Bob Avatar

    So good on record, can only imagine what they must be like live ! Can’t believe it’s take so long for an album to come out, and I’m so looking forward to their tour later in the year, hopefully I can catch up with them then. Meanwhile thanks for highlighting the band on here, more power to you, and Desert Mountain Tribe !

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