Dead Skeletons – ‘Live In Berlin’


Jón Sæmundur Auðarson (aka Nonni Dead), and his “monks of the dead temple”, in their guise as Dead Skeletons, are bona-fide shamanic resurrectionists.

This loose knit collective, who coalesce as a “group”, as and when time and space allows, bring you this live esquisse – an abstract document, imprinted at SO36 Club on the 04th December 2013.

‘Live In Berlin’ goes a little way to satisfying my itch to witness such a gathering for myself. Until that burning desire is sated, this is a fitting substitute, capturing the essence of what sounds like a magickal evening.

‘Live In Berlin’ fittingly commences with, ‘Om Varja Sattva Hung’, emerging from a primordial cacophony, this paean to the short version, of the 100 syllable purification mantra, signposts nourishment through the attainment of lucidity; My very first Dead Skeletons acquisition, on blue vinyl, ‘Om Mani Peme Hung’, from the Buddhist mantra, uniting love, compassion and wisdom in pure elated transformation, finds it’s synthesis in this acclamatory sonic tapestry; ‘Buddha Christ’, is a lotus blossoming of pure energy, a psychobilly swamp stomp…


‘Kundalini Eyes’, courses through the veins with surging neutrino currents, an other-worldly, third-eye chakra enlightenment; ‘Psycho Dead’, lopes with languid voodoo incantation, a high octane, Mictecacihuatl celebratory, star swallowing Día de Muertos; In counterpoint, ‘When The Sun Comes Up’, swells with dawn breaking grandeur, contextually heralding perceptual realisation, bathed in spiritual renewal; ‘Dead Comet’, positively glows with rhythmic candour, the comet’s coma diffusing, before succumbing to that other coma of deep unconsciousness, a prescient precursor to the recent apparition that was, asteroid 2015 TB145…

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‘Dead Mantra’, limbers up, rebirthed at 13 minutes plus, within this live, cauldron collider, it’s sheer rejuvenative exuberance, remains undiminished, kundalini enraptured, breathtaking bliss, guaranteed; ‘Get On The Train’, is a pulsating, darkly comic funfair ride, a phantom vehicle for the delivery of lost souls; ‘Kingdom Of God’, ushers salvation via nursery rhyme abandon, a blistering finale of boundary free exaltation…

‘Live In Berlin’ conveys a sense of ritualistic celebration, if “He who fears death cannot enjoy life”, this performance is the embodiment of unbridled maturation.

Released on Fuzz Club Records, this is a double 12″ with gatefold cover and features a silk screened D Side and printed inner sleeves. Also available on CD, cassette, silk screened poster, and an exclusive collection of merch featuring Dead Skeletons logos, all designed by Nonni Dead. Available now from the Fuzz Club Record Store.



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  1. Primal Music Blog Avatar

    Brilliant! Dead Skeletons have such a big sound! Thanks for the introduction.

  2. Bob Avatar

    Unique ! A live experience I’m looking forward to one day, it will be a blast. Thanks for such a compelling review, cab’t wait for this to arrive !!

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