Body – ‘Dingo / Hollow’ EP


This is about as infectiously epic as 4 minutes and 15 seconds of pure garage-pop-punk gets…

Reborn from the 10 year old ashes of Meine Kleine Deutsche, Body have just released their digital debut EP through PNKSLM Recordings.

Stockholm based Body comprises Mia Johansson on vocals, along with  Mikey Korsgren, Patrik Boman, Martin Stenberg and Charlotta Paulin.

Flipside, Hollow follows in the same vein, plugged like a mains circuit cable straight into your spinal column.

I first heard this about a month ago and must have played it nearly every day since – available on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and other digital outlets…

Soundcloud Link – BODY – “Dingo”|By noisey






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