Bad Guys – ‘Bad Guynaecology’


Bad Guys are “a midlander, a southerner, a Canadian and a Hungarian. Double necks, double kicks and no mic stand. Long hair, grey hair, bald-heads and beards. A shitload of rock. The works. Sounds like a plan. As well as playing with the likes of Circle and Oxes, these guys have earned a reputation for crashing all sorts of parties. They’ve played three ATPs, played on the plinth in Trafalgar Square, played Field Day, pissed off a lot of security, got a bunch of fines, and helped a lot of people have a lot of fun. Formed through a mutual desire to play some rock music that’s not had the life squeezed out of it by some kind of po-faced academic mangler, they make the heavy stuff and they play it loud, the way it should be.”

Bad Guys manage to do all of this with reassuringly BAD names like Stu, PJ, Dave & Tamas…

‘Bad Guynaecology’ is a fucking awesome title for an LP, their second following an eponymous release in 2013, both through the Riot Season label.


‘Bad Guynaecology’ is underpinned by powerhouse drumming, killer Riffage with a capital R and a sagacious vocal delivery. There are tongue lashings of worldly wise pathos and gallows humour in the lyrics, each renewed listen teases further delight from their fleshy folds.

LP opener, ‘Crime’ is a fuzzy domestic tale of unrequited love for a Tonka Truck, with the protagonist resorting to a spot of five finger discount; ‘Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden)’ is a balls to the wall exposé of nocturnal horticultural delight. I for one do not expect to hear another track like it this year, nor imagine one to beat that title; ‘Zoltan’ is a paean to renowned snake wrangler Zoltan Takacs – “fuck you snakes” ; Side A closer, ‘World Murderer’ is an epic sprawling intergalactic riff monster, in the grand tradition of ‘Iron Man’; Side B kicks off with ‘Reaper’, a speedfreakin’ nihilistic motherfucker, evoking The Merry Pranksters’ ‘Nothing’ albeit with a fairytale ending; ‘Fabled Succubus’ is the cascading wet-dream we’ve all been searching for; ‘Motorhome’ city madman, conjures mayhemic, on and off the road, images of the cult serial killer movie ‘Sightseers’; Clocking in at a shade under 12 minutes, epic LP finale, ‘No Tomorrow’ kicks in with tribal pounding drums and guitar that reminds me of Theatre Of Hate’s ‘Do You Believe In The Westworld’, the instrumental segments veering down a vocal offramp that sounds like the bastard child of Cronos and Hetfield before soaring again heavenward, thrusters refuelled with some heavy duty Hawkwind propellant…

I asked the Bad Guys a few questions;

What’s behind the LP?

Brute force, time, love, laughter and money.

Upcoming shows?

We got a shit load of excursions in and out of London.

Fri 13 – ALBUM LAUNCH!, The Lexington, London w/ Sex Swing and Henge, Fri 27 – Green Door Store, Brighton, Sat 28 – Eastney Cellar, Portsmouth, Tue 31 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, Wed 1 – Northumberland Arms, Newcastle, Thu 2 – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 3 – Islington Mill, Salford, Sat 4 – Cosmic Carnage at Our Black Heart, London w/ Oozing Wound & JØTNARR, Fri 24-Sun 26 – Desertfest, London.

End of May we will be in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and probably Germany, France. Will keep you posted.

What are you listening to?

The new Gum Takes Tooth album is great. Stuarts been listening to The Body, and Levon Vincent and Tamas recommends Dope Calypso.

What’s next?

After gigging the hell out of this album, we’ll probably be sick of the sight of each other for a few months. Then that niggling urge to get back in the studio will go from being a light tapping in the back of our minds to a hammer drill compelling us to see if we can do it again, can we make an album better than the last one?

‘Bad Guynaecology’ is officially released by Riot Season on March 16th, it is available as a Limited Edition of 400 Vinyl LP’s with a high gloss sleeve and printed inner bag, as well as 500 CD copies in digipack sleeve.

Only a fool would argue with Bad Guys, particularly Bad Guys’ whose LP was, “Recorded in a snake pit, in a quarry, on top of a mountain, in the desert, at night, during a thunderstorm.”

When not risking life and limb in said perilous locations, Bad Guys camped out at Orgone Studios in London where they were ably aided and abetted by Producer, Jaime Gomez Arellano whose previous credits include Ghost, Cathedral, Paradise Lost, Sunn o))) & Ulver.

Bad Guys are delightfully quotable, describing themselves as, “Full of heavy riffs, pounding drums and wild vocals laid down on seven foot wide steel tape, then smelted into WAVs by an irritable dwarf in an ancient forge, in space – BAD GUYNAECOLOGY truly is the soundtrack to your generation. Whoever you are,” and “For Fans Of: Motorhead, Harvey Milk, Melvins, Thin Lizzy, Jesus Lizard, Torche, MC5, Killdozer, Black Sabbath.”

To me they epitomise the habit of a life-tribe.

To these ears, their Doom / Stoner / Punk vibe suggests an all together more colourful alternative universe, in which Paul Di’Anno never spat the dummy and Maiden morphed into the frenzied follicle fest that is Bad Guys…


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  1. Bob Avatar

    Great write up, these guys are so under-rated and off the radar usually. They do their own thing and have fun with it, care about their music and are just so good live. Thanks for highlighting their new album, hope to catch them on tour soon. Oh, and the video’s tops as well !

  2. chromaticism Avatar

    “thanks man, well written also” – Bad Guys 13/03/15

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