Album Review: USA Nails – ‘No Pleasure’


“The band name? Its literally named after a nail bar in Hackney”.

Perhaps echoing the vein of PiL’s ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, USA Nails contend, “We are not a nail bar. We are a band.”

USA Nails are, Steven Hodson – Guitar & Vocals, Matt Reid – Drums, Gareth Thomas – Guitar and Daniel Holloway – Bass.

Following last years universally acclaimed debut, ‘Sonic Moist‘, new album ‘No Pleasure’, renews the quick bitten infected scab, a pun-gent Stooges inflection…

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‘I Am Normal’, opens to shredded, apocalyptic siren drone, an ensuing schizoid, hardcore danse macabre, this sinister Punk / Hi-NRG bastard hybrid, leaves you gagging for more; ‘Palm Them Off With Me’, is a one minute and 39 second, spiralling counterfeit discharge, a helter skeltering aneurysm; ‘You’re A Stain’, cranks the tempo back, just an avant-garde notch or two, for this melodic, discordantly nihilistic paean to stigmatic, sound pollutive blemishing; ‘You Sing For Yourself’, restores the sweet pummelling, with renewed cascading sonic onslaught, an engaging dialogue in harmonious duality; ‘They’d Name An Age’, is a playful, kosmische flavoured, megalomaniacal whirlwind reaping romp, there is a faint salutatory resonance of John Cooper Clarke in this near six minute, eon spanning, ebullient epic…


‘Laugh It Up’, is a bass driven, syncopated taunting amusement, relievedly crowned, in arcing derisory revenge; ‘Automated Cyst’, is a genius title, this rhapsodic deconstructionism, epitomising fragmentary, disembodied, societal disillusionment; ‘Holiday’, is a disjointed reverb revelry, a barbed, insouciant declaration; ‘Make Me Art’, is a one minute and 53 second, jarring, kaleidoscopic, whistle-stop genre traverse, a dismantling, futurist manifesto homage; ‘I Am In A Van’, glam’s up the clawing claustrophobia, of chaotic, tour splitting personality disorders; ‘I Cannot Drink Enough’, is a breakneck poetic slide, a downward spiral through gazillion pointless, awkward house parties, the promise of what – yielding alcohol soiled naught, a cautionary tale for a soured rite of passage…

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‘No Pleasure’, delivers abrasively addictive sturm und drang, it’s lyrically astute esquisses, brimming with confident and humorous intelligence.

Watch this space for a follow-up interview with the band.

‘No Pleasure’ is available through Smalltown America (UK/Europe) and Bigoût Records (France) on two colour variants: transparent green/orange 12″ splatter vinyl; white/mint green 12” splatter vinyl; CD and Download.




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  1. Bob Avatar

    A great heads-up to a band really love, thanks for giving them some exposure here ! Sad to say I missed them on their last UK dates…won’t happen again.

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  3. […] my recent Album Review for the USA Nails release of ‘No Pleasure‘, I caught up with Steven from the band for a little Q & […]

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