Album Review: Huminoita – ‘All is Two’


Huminoita is a Finnish word that can be related to the wind between the trees. Sounds made by the wind and the branches. Noita means ‘a witch’ in finnish. Humi-noita has definitely some connections to the forests and witches of Finland.”

Luova Records is a new Record Label from Finland. We are a collective of musicians who work together through different bands & projects. We’re scattered around Finland, but most of us live in Jyväskylä.”

This metaphorical trip then, is my third “visit” to Jyväskylä. My first was in homage to Alvar Aalto, the intuitive architect genius, who personified honest expression – a master of freeform exploration. My second encounter, as part of the world rally entourage – a blur of speed back in 2001.

Jyväskylä, the enlightened “Athens of Finland”,  is set in a magical landscape of forests and lakes, an elemental utopia.

‘All is Two’ by Huminoita takes these spiritual influences and extracts the essence of it’s genius loci…

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‘The Sheriff’, comes whispering lamentations through the trees, it’s gentle howling eloquence, dancing with progressive charm, ripples across the lakeland isolation; ‘Hymn 23’, personifies the band’s mantra that, “Genre: is something to avoid”, the lush, myriad influence arrangements, refreshingly free from boundary or constraint, a veritable smörgåsbord of aural delicacies; ‘Goliath’, takes on the mantle of it’s larger than life namesake, a towering experiential exposition…

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‘The Pilgrim’, shimmers on gossamer wings, carried on lilting, woodwind(ward) flourishes, cacophonous incursions, ride the malström, beyond “perdition’s flames”; ‘King Of Hearts’, is an eleven minute epic, a shamanic ritual of rhythmic awakening, this primordial, universal birthing, gives flight to the soul, the psyche reaching heavenwards, escape velocity attained, floating with weightless abandon; ‘Hymn 24’, intones a warmth, suffused with embracive, verdant riches…

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Huminoita have crafted a sonic Gesamtkunstwerk. In much the same way that the Kalevala helped establish the Finnish national identity, ‘All is Two’ is synonymous with this latter-day, minstrel collective.

So good, I already bought the t-shirt!

Huminoita are, Ville Mäkäräinen- guitar, flute, vocals, synth, Timo Keränen – guitar, percussion, Ville Mäkinen – bass, Jonne Ketola – drums, Matti Salo – saxophone, keyboards, vocals, synths.

Additional artists on the album: Laura Lehtola – gave her voice to tracks ‘The Sheriff’, ‘Hymn 24’ & ‘The Pilgrim’, Oula Karppinen – saxophone, trumpet & sopramino on track ‘King of Hearts’.

Album art: Satu Wiinikka, Recording & Mixing Engineer – Ville Mäkäräinen / Luovasound, Album was recorded at Porokari elementary school in Rovaniemi, Finland.

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