Album Review: 3AM – ‘Transmissions’


‘Transmissions’ is the new album by 3AM  – “the solo project of Chino Burga (La IrA de Dios, La Garua, Necromongo, etc) based on riffs, loops and a lot of tremolo”.

I first heard 3AM on the ‘Waves / Disappear‘ split LP, with the equally prodigious and multi talented Sula Bassana, and it immediately put the hook in me.

Debut recording ‘UFO Blues Tapes‘ quickly followed into my record box and completed my bedazzled renaissance.

The unique and distinctive tone Chino coaxes from his tormented instruments, instills a monomania that grips me firmly in it’s coiled embrace.

To say Chino’s “DIY !!! NO – FI !!! DRONE ON!!!” philosophy strikes a certain discordant note with me, would be something of an understatement, it’s life affirming essence is overwhelming and all encompassing…


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‘UHF’, sets the dysfunctional scene, it’s looped maelstromic intro, a harbinger of sonic intent, the reverb soaked insistent vocal, vies for purchase, against the washing walls of decimetre band flux; ‘Flying Low’, opens like a heavy blow to the solar plexus, a gut wrenching, smouldering, primal call to arms, a shimmering anthemic exhortation; ‘Condor’, soars on Norte Chico, spiralling Andean wings, underpinned by native shamanic beats, the rich tremulous grandeur, reverberates with earth-rending, imperious seismic majesty; ‘Rocks’, snarls and spits with rumbling, outlaw, man-in-black, motorik detachment.

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‘A Minute’, is a methodical paean to solemn escapism, it’s brooding repetitious déjà-vu, conjuring an eloquently vital sense, pushing the artifice of envelope; ‘Rock’n’Roll Radio’, pulses with strident droning energy, decrying the languid, saturated fat, occluded airwaves, robbed of urgency and vigour, essential ingredients for rebellious spirit; ‘Joy’, discharges peels of redemptive, yearning thunder, a transient redressive prayer, deconstructing bleak decay; Album closer, ‘You’re Never Gonna Bring Me Down’, gleams with celebratory incandescent, gauntlet throwing, defiant affirmation…


3AM / Chino Burga is a one man walking earthquake, puncturing my “trembling earballs” with his insistent, beatific pitched vibrato divinations…

I will endeavour to ensure that I witness this whirlwind first hand, on his forthcoming European tour.

‘Transmissions’ is released by Lay Bare Recordings on vinyl and can be ordered via Burning World Records, it is also available digitally through bandcamp and the other usual suspects.

Watch this space for a follow up interview with the man himself…



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  1. Bob Avatar

    Excited to see this ace band, hopefully they will be in the UK in the new year. Great write up, spot on as ever, and thanks for revealing another great band for us to watch out for and enjoy. Takes a lot of time to keep up with all the amazing music about these days, but time well spent.

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