10 000 Russos – ’10 000 Russos’ Reissue

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photographs by chromaticism @ Fuzz Club Festival

10 000 Russos – there may only be 3 of my Portuguese celtic brethren, but the sonic whirlwind they sow, sounds like dez mil Makhnovshchina in full, glorious epic flight.

Back in that hallowed, revolutionary month of May last year, I’d had the unmitigated pleasure of hearing 10 000 Russos, but I had yet to witness the assault on the senses that is their live show.

Live Russos virgin that I was, please forgive any slight absence of passion, since utterly ignited at last year’s Reverence Valada and Fuzz Club Festival, that is perhaps lacking in this interview and album review, which coincided with the initial release of ’10 000 Russos’, last year on Fuzz Club Records.

It is a heartening testament to the combined qualities and talents of Pedro Pestana, André Couto and João Pimenta, that less than one year later, that eponymous LP sees a repress on Fuzz Club.

I hope that I’ve captured even a little of the essence, of what these guys bring on stage, with these live reviews from Reverence Valada – not forgetting the incendiary finale of the Sunrise Session, as well as this one from their triumphant contribution to the inaugural Fuzz Club Festival.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKqkf55b6CM&w=560&h=315]

The camaraderie and musical fellowship I have come to enjoy with these 3 individuals, is one I look forward to sharing again at this year’s upcoming Lisbon Psych Fest and Eindhoven Psych Lab.

The ’10 000 Russos’ reissue can be purchased from the Fuzz Club Records Store. The standard vinyl edition comes in heavy 180g transparent green (600 copies). There is also a deluxe edition available in transparent clear vinyl with black haze (200 copies). Also available on CD and cassette. The release date is 1st April.




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  1. Bob Avatar

    Brilliant stuff, very much need this re-issue, thanks for the info, amazing band !

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